New Nevo delivery

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Bryan sat on his brand new Riese & Muller E-bike. The award winning Nevo is a dynamic looking step through Bosch powered bike with the battery unusually located on the up-tube rather than the rear rack.The Nuvinci hub gear offers … Continued

The E-bike smile

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There is a new phenomenen… It’s called the E-bike smile. These four men, all synical about the merits of E-biking, gathered after their demo ride on the Wisper E-mountain bikes, smiling because they have just had a great ride around … Continued

One day to go

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Jeremy Crook of Wisper checking the route for our E-Mtb demo starting tomorrow. A little bit of hail didn’t stop us from having a great time. It’s an awesome route to put the bikes through their paces. Boggy, rocky, hilly … Continued

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