Most Riese & Muller models are available as a HS ( high speed ) These can be powered to 45km/h using the BOSCH performance speed motor .

To ensure your new Riese & Muller HS bike is road legal it must be registered with the DVLA ……

Order the forms from You would need a New vehicle import pack – Application to register a new imported vehicle for use in the UK and V55/4 – Application for a license for a new motor vehicle and declaration for registration. This process generally takes five to ten days.

Complete the V267 & the V55/4 (using information which comes with the Certificate of conformity included with the bike.) If you want it done through your own company you will need to include a bank statement and/or utility bill and a copy of a corporation document. If you want to complete it as an individual you’ll need to include a bank statement and/or a utility and a copy of your driving licence/Passport

Send the completed forms,your ID (as in P4). a cheque for for £55 made payable to DVLA & the original certificate of Conformity to DVLA Swansea SA991BE.

Await the return of the V5C (approx 2 Weeks)

Check vehicle tax at ( and it’s Free!!)

order a Number Plate. They require a copy of your Driver’s licence & V5C registration document.