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The Riese and muller Homage is a fantastic ebike, and without doubt in my opinion the pinnacle of ebike Easy mount cycling, it is the second Homage I have owned, it is superb over all types of terrain and capable of very long distances, I have owned 10 ebikes over the many years I have been using them and cycle between 4&5K. miles per yr. just for pleasure, the confidence that the Homage inspires has been unrivalled particularly its stability at higher speeds, due to its very stiff frame and suspension geometry. Two of my friends are so impressed with the bike that one has already purchased a Homage and another friend has one identical to mine on order.
All I can say is if you are in the market for this type of bike although the price may seem a bit high you will not be disappointed, You only get what you pay for, it has taken me 10 ebikes and many years to find what I consider to be the perfect bike .

‘Peter’ Bodmin

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